Does education serve any purpose if it cannot serve to the benefit of a society? No. And so is the situation in Nigeria where the education system has many loopholes that can hardly add to economic development of the country. A controversy has spiraled whether the government or attitude of laymen is responsible for a frail education system in the country. Though a mindless debate is looming large, a reality-check of crippled education system due to lack of government initiative and insincerity on part of citizens have resulted into a pitiable education system.

English: Mr. Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi lecturi...

Mr. Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi lecturing University students and parents in Nigeria on the importance of education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The complex situation in Nigeria

So far, Nigeria has failed producing ground-breaking ideas and concepts at the world level. The problem is rooted at ground level where education system from primary level is a meager effort with no sincere thoughts and values injected in what is being taught. Not that, Nigerians are not brilliant, but there is lack of adequate initiative in comprehending the working principles of key subject areas for visionary application.

Lack of initiative to design an innovative system has accumulated towards landing with fruitless results. In schools and universities, students strive towards passing exams without efforts in understanding the values and knowledge in subjects. Academic institutions in Nigeria are described as mere social gathering places where groups of worthless teachers deliver education against desires only in effort of producing ineffectual groups of students. Thus, it’s evident why the country is harvesting nothing against nothing with being ‘perfunctory’ as the root cause.

Being Perfunctory, being Unthinkable

The government is not to be blamed always, as believed by many Nigerians. The so called ‘educated people’ is to be blamed, where they fail to seek opportunities or solution in problems. Adequate drive of producing something by a youth or graduate has forced the country into oblivion. A few opinion makers are of the view that Nigerians hardly strive towards making full use of their brains, instead they try to stay safe by pinning blames on the government. Being perfunctory and unthinkable is supposedly a desirable choice of most.

To that note, a question lingers are Nigerians real disappointment in the face of global economy? No.

Here is Why

True to fact, many Nigerians are making ground breaking discoveries and introducing ideas outside Nigeria, but they can hardly feed anything worth to the nation. Yes, a major reason is the education system that has given birth to a feeble economic scenario. Thus, with a weak system it hardly allows for viable thinking and actual education. The environment is anti-changing and is indeed ridiculous. There has been a small research, which revealed that Nigerians have phenomenal brain capacity to innovate, have the same capacity and aptitude, and so they are able to take significant strides on the global level. But when it comes to doing the same in their own land, they have weird mentality of following their counterparts, instead of doing something of their own.

Though, the problem seems intense, a lot can be done to turn this beautiful land with pent up thoughts, ideas and resources into utility and usefulness.

Light at the end of Tunnel

After all, there is light at the end of tunnel and so Nigeria has immense hopes of turning into a land of opportunity. The biggest asset of a nation is manpower and education. While education plays the catalyst of transforming a nation, manpower helps in doing so. A nation’s growth is dependent on the potential of human resource and adequate drive of the government to implement proper initiatives. Unless the country invests more in academia, there won’t be progress and development. The privileged should come forward in investing their resources that will ultimately enable in accomplishing success. The wealthy class can make potential use of their money and invest more in academia thus ensuring boost to the country’s education system and producing adequately equipped students.

Education is the root to a nation’s success. Nigeria is indeed one of the nations that can flourish by mixing good education with creative abilities to bringing milestone of discoveries and growth to it.