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Massive Open Online Courses are regarded as the future of education. Their ever increasing popularity and inclination of students has catapulted its growth over the years. Similar to its name, MOOC is open and easily accessible to everyone with a desire to learn. Usually, these courses are free of cost and cover thousands of students across the world.

Around a couple of years ago, Professor Ng gave online lectures from his machine. His lectures drew immediate and impressive response from the students. He says, “I put one of my courses online and it reached an audience of 100,000 students,” Professor further adds, “To put that number into context, I used to teach 400 students a year at Stanford that means that to reach a comparable sized audience I would have had to teach at Stanford for 250 years.” Source

According to a study, Stanford had almost 160,000 students enrolled for its “Introduction to AI” MOOC. Source

Massive Open Online Courses offer an accessible way for learning and acquiring new skills. Students can also hone up their present skills with the help of MOOC. Keeping in mind their growing acceptance, the days are not far when recruiters will start noticing it on the applicants’ resumes.

How Can the Employers Assess the Applicants With MOOCs On Their Resumes?

Here are a few points that can prove as a yardstick for the employers in assessing the applicants.


Knowing the course provider

Recruiter should look for the institutions from which the applicant has completed MOOC. There are many institutions providing MOOCs to the students. Most of the universities providing MOOCs reflect similar content and instructors from the campus itself.



There are many other institutions which provide you a chance to create course and offer it through the web. Such courses are taught by professionals from the industry and not by the professors. These courses give merit to practical knowledge than academic knowledge.

Employers familiar with the MOOC are able to evaluate the applicants by assessing whether the completed course is relevant to the respective job opening. 

Evaluating the Significance Of the Course Content


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The course content must be related to the job opening which applicant has applied for. It should reflect the career objective of applicants. The application should highlight the logical and technical skills obtained through the course. Recruiter should be careful in assessing the skills applicant wanted to acquire with the MOOC.

MOOC revealing the behavioural traits of the applicant

The intellectual curiosity of applicants is revealed by the participation and completion of MOOC by them. Recruiters appreciate their initiative and willingness to learn. Individual’s choice and interest play a greater role in the completion of MOOC. However, the rate of completion is low at around 10 percent. Hence, anyone completed the MOOC program is rated highly by the recruiters.


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Therefore, understanding MOOC and the platform from where the course has been accessed is vital for the recruiters. Recruiters can devise courses to assist their workforce in obtaining certain skills and knowledge.

With the advancement in the field of technology as well as the increase in the application of the web, there is an increase in the number of educational institutions offering various Bachelors’, Master’s, Diploma and Certificate degree through online. It is actually tough these days to find a website without the flash advertisements about online colleges and distance degrees.

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Online education has been serving people all over the world since ages. Distance learning was relevant even more than 200 years back. However, the norms have changed a little bit with the advent of the internet. Now, nobody needs to visit a physical college or university and he/she can get a degree of his/her choice from home. Online learning becomes a solution for those who have tight working schedules, the military officers, people with physical disabilities, house wives, busy moms, etc. by offering them the courses on their laptops and computers.

Experts are of the view that only a number of Nigerians have actually got this opportunity. E-learning is no more a fad but a revolt in the world’s education system. There are now more than 40, 00,000 people from all over the globe who, at certain point of their lives, have applied to an online course.

Although some people believe that online education is expensive, researches have already shown that how an online degree can actually cut down on one’s regular expenses. As the degree can be earned from home, there is no need for the learner to commute to the university and hence there is no conveyance cost. Also, all the course materials are either given by the online degree providers or the students can go through the materials online, thereby negating the cost of buying heavy books and journals.

Nigeria’s education system is actually worse. There is no good college or university and this in turn makes the learners suffer. However, by incorporating online education in the country, people can actually mend their situation. Leke Oshiyemi, one of the HR professionals in Nigeria, says, “Nigerian professionals, just like every other professional around the globe, are busy people. It could be somewhat difficult for people to make time for even the most compelling courses, seminars and workshops, making them vulnerable to missing the learning opportunities.”

For such learners in the country, the self-paced as well as convenient online education can be of a great help. Technology has actually bridged the gap between the working time and the learning time and hence one can now go through the study materials and give exams sitting at home. This makes them enjoy the study as they feel less fatigued and this in turn improves their personality as well as career.

Oshiyemi feels that earning an online degree has actually proved to be useful for the candidates in Nigeria. The fact that they can earn an online degree from UK universities without leaving hometown is a matter of great excitement for the learners. Online learning is beneficial for one and all. The course materials are updated and are much more lifelike than the traditional text books and journals. Hence, online education can always improve the educational system of Nigeria, which seems to be at stake since ages.

A good education is very important for you to build a great career and surge ahead in life. However, many developing or educationally underprivileged countries simply cannot afford to go to a good college and pursue their academic dream. Students in such countries need to start working right after they are done with school because they have to fend for themselves. For such students round the world, online distance education is the key to higher education and success.

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An online degree is highly valued by most employers round the world these days. Many world renowned colleges and universities now offer online undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas and degrees to those who are keen on taking their careers to greater heights. However, before applying for online courses it is very important to check a few details.

Is the college or university accredited?

This one question is probably the first you should clarify before you enrol for an online degree. Your degree or diploma will only be valid if the institution you study at is accredited. Therefore, double check on this one point before signing up for any online study programme.

Does the programme have a physical equivalent?

Almost all colleges these days offer an online equivalent of the courses they have in their traditional set up. Depending on the subject you take up, find out if a non-virtual programme of the course is available at a university nearby which will allow you to attend a few classes traditionally. This is important for students who wish to take up subjects that require practical classes.

What is the demand for the degree you intend to earn?

Do not take up a course that is not promising. First see how lucrative the future of the subject is. Is the subject highly in demand and are there a plethora of jobs waiting for you once you complete the programme? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to pick the online course. Also remember that the value of online degrees in UK and many other countries is huge.

These are the first questions you should ask yourself before taking up online courses of your choice. Many students and working professionals have suffered because they did not clarify the details of the course before enrolling.