Students are still apprehensive about completing their college degrees online as many still think that ‘valid’ education can only provided by traditional, brick and mortar colleges. This perception is a complete misconception as online colleges these days are as good as traditional colleges, if not better. However, there are many students that complete their degrees from these colleges and land good jobs. Here are a few stats that clearly indicate that online education is slowly being accepted in today’s competitive job market.


“According to a report prepared by the Babson Survey Research Group, there were over 6.7 million post secondary students who enrolled online in several courses in 2011. In contrast, there were only 1.6 million students who enrolled online for higher studies in the year 2002. So, don’t you think that the addition of 5 million students in 9 years is a huge achievement in the world of online education? Moreover, there were 72% of online schools in 2002, whereas the number has steadily increased to 87% in 2012.”


Students in countries like Nigeria are slowly switching to the online mode of education as the colleges in their country are not up to the mark and can’t compete with colleges of first world countries. There are many UK universities in Nigeria that provide quality education and help students and working professionals do well in life. Online degrees are more affordable than traditional college degrees. Therefore, students can study the courses taught in elite educational institutions without having to pay extra money for conveyance, food or lodging. There are many universities, across the world, which provide various kinds of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

With these online degrees you can get highly respectable and well paying jobs all around the world. However, you must make sure that the colleges are accredited ad recognised; otherwise, the degrees will hold no value and your money will be wasted.