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For most of the learners, joining the university curriculum means to visit a new city, make new friends and discovering oneself once more. But for the ones who wish to take up a course online, the living room or the bedroom or at times the office cubicle is the only campus he/she will have. However, experts are of the view that one can never feel lonely being an online learner as they have a lot more to discern!

If you are someone who likes the field of medicine, or love reading crime fictions and dream about being a Sherlock Holmes yourself, but your situations doesn’t let you attend a university or college to pursue such a course, you can think about opting for an online course. The online courses are now available for lot many subjects and the students can now get online degrees in dentistry, hypnotherapy and even cryptography!

Virtual learning can actually beat classroom education

If you are going to apply for an online course in the near future, you might be having other commitments like work, family, children, etc. An online course lets you enjoy an absolute flexible study shift as well as it offers the learners with the most updated knowledge about the subjects.

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Richard Reece, the Associate Vice President of teaching & learning of students in Manchester University, says, “Academically, support from other learners is as important on campus as it is off campus. We encourage students who are on campus to form peer-assisted study schemes. We do the same for distance learning students as well.” (Source:

Reece also believes that if an online learner starts learning in a community by communicating with the peers and educators through the online forums on a regular basis, he/she will never feel out of place. The educators are always present via video social networks, like Skype and the learners can get in touch with them over phone as well.


Online degrees let the learners be up to date!

Distance learning has changed a lot in the past few years. Although it was there in the education industry for the past 200 years, the way people take up distance education today is absolutely different! MOOCs are now the new way of getting a degree and it seems that MOOCs will rule the education sector in the coming years.

This year, most of the UK universities, including Southampton, Leeds and Bristol, have started with their own MOOC platforms in partnership with the Open University to offer courses to the learners and the best part is that, the learners now have ample of degree courses to choose from.

The online learning materials are present on the web and for this reason, the learners do not have to depend upon any single book or journal. Also, when the materials are present online, they are being refreshed on a regular basis to present the learners with the most updated information about the subjects. This lets them enjoy the most up to date learning experience.

Choose the degree course you want to

Being an online learner, you are free to choose the degree course which you like the most. The online learning index is vast and the learners have ample options to choose from. This makes e-learning all the more appealing to the students. In UK, most of the reputed universities are now offering online degree courses for the students worldwide. No matter where the learners are residing in, they can choose a degree course which they want to only by a few clicks on the web!

Especially the countries where the education system isn’t up to the mark, these online degree providers works as a helping hand for the learners living there. They only need a computer with an internet connection! So, no matter where you are, if you are thinking about going for an online course, you are going on the right path! Research about the degree provider and then go ahead to get a degree of your choice, from a university you want.

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Higher education is very important to surge ahead in life and build a grand career. This is a universal truth and there’s no denying it. A bachelor’s degree is integral in one’s life to ensure a good job. There are many students who attend traditional colleges to earn their degree. However, not every student, who is eager to study, can pursue their education after school as there are many restrictions. For example, students in developing countries like Nigeria don’t get a chance to attend college for various reasons. Mostly, people in developing countries can’t afford to go to college as the financial condition is unstable and college fees are extremely high.

As economic conditions are unsteady in developing countries, most students start working right after they finish school. Therefore, there is no way they can do both, work and attend class at college. Also, there are many students who live in remote places that are far away from educational institutions and travelling long distances becomes tedious. However, there is a way through which students these days can earn a bachelor’s degree without having to compromise on much. Distance learning is one of the best ways, which has been introduced to eager students, to earn a good bachelor’s degree.

Why is distance learning one of the best ways of earning a bachelor’s degree?

In the beginning, distance education meant studying in correspondence, which was also quite tedious because courses were less fun and were not all interactive. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of doing things online, distance education too, shifted to this mode. Through distance education, the bachelor’s degree syllabus is broken down so comfortably that it becomes easy for a busy person to stay at home and study. Here are a few advantages of studying an online bachelor degree by distance learning.

The online bachelor’s degree courses are flexible

The fact that these courses are flexible makes them viable for students who work or handle the entire household singlehandedly. These courses can be studied anytime, anywhere. Therefore, a student can go to work and study at the same time. They can either study before they leave for work or after they get back. They can study in between household chores. So, there are no restrictions about when and where they have to study.

The online bachelor’s degree courses help you save

The online bachelor’s degree courses can be studied from the comfort of your own home without crossing borders or even travelling long distances. These degree courses help you save money on tuition fees, conveyance, food and lodging.

With many other advantages similar to these, studying the bachelor’s degree online is an extremely convenient for students across the globe to get better jobs and move ahead in their careers.