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As technology is evolving with time, it is becoming friendlier and life saviour for people around the globe. Most importantly, the people residing in Africa and nearby places are the ones who are getting mostly aided. Africa, very surprisingly, has become the topmost country in adopting online education.

The expected growth of online education in the continent in almost 15.2% and Senegal is the highest among them with 30.4% growth in e-learning. This kind of rapid acceptance of online learning in Africa surely proves one thing that the future of education is quite bright there. Along with the improvement in the field of education, there will be reduction in poverty, health stature will be improved and also there will be emancipation of women.

MOOCs in Africa

The first ever MOOC in Africa has been developed by the African Management Initiative (AMI). It is primarily aimed at providing different courses to the learners to polish their basic skills in management. The name of the MOOC is Launchpad and it is in partnership with the South African Gordon Institute of Business Science. Now, the AMI will try to acquire more funds in order to design courses in partnership with the Strathmore Business School on Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos Business School in Nigeria.

Rebecca Harrison, the developer of MOOCs at AMI, says, “We want to make it as engaging as possible, but also low bandwidth.” According to a report by the eLearning Africa conference in the month of May’2013 has found out that the rise in MOOCs will be one of the most amazing changes in the online education scenario in Africa.

Online degree providers!

Apart from Africa’s own MOOC, there are a number of other international distance degree providers which can work as wonder for the aspiring learners in Africa. They have degree courses from the most reputed universities worldwide and therefore, the learners in Africa will get much more exposure in an international basis.

E-learning is a gateway to healthier lifestyle in Africa!

Higher education is something which is necessary for everyone not only in order to further in their career goals but also for their sound mental and physical health. It is seen that the ones with a higher education degree leads a very balanced and healthy lifestyle. In fact, studies in 2012 have shown that people with just a high school diploma smokes 17% more than the ones with a Master’s degree. Higher education makes one think on a broader perspective and this way the person becomes perfect to dwell in the society.

It is true that Africa suffered a lot, both financially as well as the education scenario wasn’t good at all. There were no better resources in the schools and colleges and the learners had to worry much about getting a degree and most of the times they had to leave hopes of acquiring a degree for them. Online learning then became their saviour and offered them with courses and degrees which they have wanted forever.

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Nigeria has been striving to rise with its planned educational development for years, but for multiple reasons like lack of proper infrastructure, militancy impacts, funding deficiencies and many more issues alike, the country could not make it successful till now. But, things are changing for better, and new measures are hoped to bring a hopeful era of all round growth with substantial developments in Nigerian education.

It is no new concept that educational developments bring forth economic growth. The most developed countries are the ones that have taken special care of educating its mass populace. In this respect Nigeria is lagging pretty behind with its current illiteracy level of 61%. But, to make considerable growth in its manpower and services such as healthcare, communication and community welfare, educational achievements plays crucial role.

Governmental Failures in Nigeria’s Education Sector

But, as for the governmental initiatives to bring good changes in educational prosperity there is nothing so encouraging, apart from the institution of National Open University, NOUN, in the year 2000. The outcome with this initiative has been quite prominent over the time since its introduction. The result was optimistic because, open learning curriculum it is not like traditional system where teaching staffs develop courses on their own, and choose the way they like to teach and assess. Student progress in the open learning environment involves multi-disciplinary experts to design courses, so that the student can meet exemplary success with innovative approaches in learning.

New Fields of Study

 As the most effective solution to an environment where funding scarcity from governmental end leads to the lack of basic educational facilities to the majority of Nigerians, open education has come up with potential benefits. With open university courses newer trends are becoming popular which show great newer possibilities of career developments. Through open online courses studies like management, IT, entertainment, various social enterprises, news reading, furniture designing, reporting for electronic media, fashion designing, content writing, event management, and many other career-oriented courses have become easy to pursue through studying online.

In 2014, distance education will have a considerable growth, as predicted. Number of universities and polytechnic colleges are forecast to increase to propagate open online education in this year.  With admission criteria and cost for regular tertiary institution continues to grow highly competitive online education is showing promising glimpses to provide easy and alternative ways of education.

International Education becomes Easy

Nigerian students who aspire for completing their higher education abroad can be benefited greatly with this emerging trend of online education. Especially, those who are classified as “middle middle class” are to take immense advantages with these open courses offered by not only their national universities, but also by many top-grade international universities as well. In another mentionable measure, private sector investment in both primary and secondary levels will grow. This is because UBE has continuously failed to meet the level of quality demanded by the parents. And, this sort of investments is supposed to focus on the actually effective educational spheres like distance education, online learning and other prospective fields of alternative education.

With the measures to bring about substantial developments in education Nigeria’s overall developments are on the ascension. If these unexplored avenues can be exploited up to their fullest potentialities, Nigerian socio-political developments as well as economic growth are something on the cards.

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If you know how to connect, contribute and converse through online you have managed to learn nearly fifty percent of a prestigious degree programme. Yes, people signing up for online courses are learning via participating in debates, discussions and dialogues. They submit their assignments, sit for exams and earn a degree at home. With education online you have a brand new system of knowledge enhancement right a click away!

Why is it being preferred?

Let’s talk about the reason as why virtual classes have become the favourite destination of the learners around the world! Does that mean that our years old educational system had inevitable flaws? Or it’s just a behavioral trend to remain competitive in the present world?

Learn and earn simultaneously: Knowledge today is essential to develop, achieve and maintain an impressive career diagram. Gone are the days when prospect came along with experience. Certified knowledge from a renowned university is equally important in today’s world to accomplish the professional goals. Employers these days prefer staffs with good academic background as they ascertain apt knowledge about the industry, innovative ideas and decision making qualities. With the option to learn whenever and wherever you want, people now enhance practical experience and valuable degrees at the same time.

Be independent with a liberal system: In addition to that, higher learning environment provides you option to play with many different ideas that encourage freedom of thought. Entrepreneur skills all over the world have received a boost as universities started providing MBA degrees online. Business studies with online course are no more limited to a small section of affluent people. Many prestigious universities have come up with various degrees in business studies to hone up the leadership skills of the world.

Invite prospect with degrees: As you accomplish higher learning goals you ascertain a flourishing career for yourself. Don’t anymore let your juniors take better positions in your company and you wait for years for a pay raise or promotion. Your mediocre academic profile that has been postponing your prosperity so far has an easy way out from stagnancy. With online education today you have the opportunity to attain degrees from world class institutions and that too without any professional and personal commitments.

Affordable and flexible mode of study: The expenses of higher studies seem financial burden to many. The huge expenditure, loan debts and full-time engagement are the main reasons why people from low-income group have always avoided studying for higher degrees. With education online you don’t need to give up your professional commitments. In addition to that with various reasonable options and free access to course materials, the online education is the most affordable and convenient mode of study for the recent world.

Earn degrees from anywhere: With online mode of study you have the opportunity to learn at home. A range of renowned universities are offering online curriculum to reach students who have been deprived of knowledge for physical, financial, social or geographical reasons. So, it’s a big opportunity for the people from developing regions who were bereft of education owing to reasons like lack of proper resources, governmental policies or social turbulence. For instance, students from Nigeria are being hugely benefitted as most of them couldn’t avail higher education for financial and infrastructural predicaments. With online universities, Nigerian citizens are gaining knowledge and expertise in a wide array of industries ranging from information technology to management studies.

United Kingdom has always been preferred by the knowledge hunters across the world. So, when the most desired learning institutions came forward and made online study from UK available for everybody it turned out to be a godsend for the deprived ones. It is because…

  • UK Online Study rewards you with a degree accredited across the world.
  • You get guidance from the world class experts.
  • Some UK based providers offer you degree at a price more than fifty percent less than that of regular courses.
  • Learning methods utilizing cutting-edge tools and platforms assure of an effective learning atmosphere. Moreover, with UK Online Study you can enjoy your classes through iPhone, iPad, and laptops.

Online education has become more and more popular and the learners of 21 century discovered it as the most viable way to earn knowledge and skills. The credit goes to technological development that has made education possible outside the restricted foursquare system. But learning is not only about exams, assignments and scores. Visiting campus provides you the opportunity to reveal yourself in front of the world, gain confidence from the encouragement of your peers and think more independently through the debates with tutors. The recent developments are striving hard to make sure that your online experience is no less thrilling than the student of traditional courses. And with an influential resume you earn a more confident, energetic, and skilled you as you complete your classes.

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The year 2013 would be forever remembered as the year of turmoil in education sector in Nigeria. In 2013, all the major unions related to education sector made everything upside down, resulting in students, parents and the whole country to experience an atmosphere of frustration with government. In short, there has been a surging negativity prevailed on the Nigerian education in 2013.

Indefinite Strike by Academic Staff Union of University

First, there was a six-month long dismal contention by the Academic Staff Union of University, ASSU, regarding the non-implementation of the 2009 agreement the union and the Federal government. A major move within the period of strike was the removal of the Education Minister, Ruqayyatu Rufai, in a big reshuffle of the cabinet. And, immediately she joined ASUU, taking its stance to press Federal Government with their unrealized demands. President Goodluck Jonathan supplanted the sacked Minister with Nyesom Wike, who was the Minister of State for Education then.

Another Massive Strike by Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic

Then, there was another strike by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, ASUP, which commenced on 16 July and went on for two long months. That was, however, not all. On the 4th of October the union again started the strike. On December 17th the Federal Government announced that it had already met 80 percent of the demands they raised.

Boko Haram Terrorist Attack on School

That was not enough! In September, Boko Haram terrorists launched violent attack on the College of agriculture, Yobe State. The vicious act took its toll in killing of an unspecified number of students. Such a heinous crime it was that at the time when most of these students were asleep in their dormitory, the attackers started firing on them. Then, the terrorists set fire to the dormitories and classrooms. After the incident the institution remained closed for 10 weeks.

Accidental Demise of NANS Senate President

On June 13, NANS Senate President, Donald Onukaogu, and a few others met an auto crash on their way to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, and died.

N15.72 billion million for bilingual education from Islamic Development Bank

The Federal Government and the Islamic Development Bank signed a $98 million (N15.72 billion) bilingual education deal for the schools of Alamjiri. The deal was targeted on educate the people of the country with Alamjiri system. The money has been planned in using to diminish the gap between formal and non-formal education.

Within such disturbance-reigned atmosphere Nigerian education sector was striving to regain a healthy environment to think on vast developments that have yet to be done in the country. What is most hopeful for the country is that many renowned education providers and universities of educationally developed countries have started flocking at Nigerian education scenario, which if exploited fully can start a new beginning in the country’s progress. Nigerian people have to be more aware of the latest ongoing taken place in education sector, and how they can make the most out of these beneficial grounds.