Online Education Shows A Way Out Amidst Nigeria’s Eclipsed State Of Illiteracy

January 18, 2014

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Nigeria has been striving to rise with its planned educational development for years, but for multiple reasons like lack of proper infrastructure, militancy impacts, funding deficiencies and many more issues alike, the country could not make it successful till now. But, things are changing for better, and new measures are hoped to bring a hopeful era of all round growth with substantial developments in Nigerian education.

It is no new concept that educational developments bring forth economic growth. The most developed countries are the ones that have taken special care of educating its mass populace. In this respect Nigeria is lagging pretty behind with its current illiteracy level of 61%. But, to make considerable growth in its manpower and services such as healthcare, communication and community welfare, educational achievements plays crucial role.

Governmental Failures in Nigeria’s Education Sector

But, as for the governmental initiatives to bring good changes in educational prosperity there is nothing so encouraging, apart from the institution of National Open University, NOUN, in the year 2000. The outcome with this initiative has been quite prominent over the time since its introduction. The result was optimistic because, open learning curriculum it is not like traditional system where teaching staffs develop courses on their own, and choose the way they like to teach and assess. Student progress in the open learning environment involves multi-disciplinary experts to design courses, so that the student can meet exemplary success with innovative approaches in learning.

New Fields of Study

 As the most effective solution to an environment where funding scarcity from governmental end leads to the lack of basic educational facilities to the majority of Nigerians, open education has come up with potential benefits. With open university courses newer trends are becoming popular which show great newer possibilities of career developments. Through open online courses studies like management, IT, entertainment, various social enterprises, news reading, furniture designing, reporting for electronic media, fashion designing, content writing, event management, and many other career-oriented courses have become easy to pursue through studying online.

In 2014, distance education will have a considerable growth, as predicted. Number of universities and polytechnic colleges are forecast to increase to propagate open online education in this year.  With admission criteria and cost for regular tertiary institution continues to grow highly competitive online education is showing promising glimpses to provide easy and alternative ways of education.

International Education becomes Easy

Nigerian students who aspire for completing their higher education abroad can be benefited greatly with this emerging trend of online education. Especially, those who are classified as “middle middle class” are to take immense advantages with these open courses offered by not only their national universities, but also by many top-grade international universities as well. In another mentionable measure, private sector investment in both primary and secondary levels will grow. This is because UBE has continuously failed to meet the level of quality demanded by the parents. And, this sort of investments is supposed to focus on the actually effective educational spheres like distance education, online learning and other prospective fields of alternative education.

With the measures to bring about substantial developments in education Nigeria’s overall developments are on the ascension. If these unexplored avenues can be exploited up to their fullest potentialities, Nigerian socio-political developments as well as economic growth are something on the cards.


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