Africa Is One Of The Earliest Adopters On Technology In Education

January 28, 2014

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As technology is evolving with time, it is becoming friendlier and life saviour for people around the globe. Most importantly, the people residing in Africa and nearby places are the ones who are getting mostly aided. Africa, very surprisingly, has become the topmost country in adopting online education.

The expected growth of online education in the continent in almost 15.2% and Senegal is the highest among them with 30.4% growth in e-learning. This kind of rapid acceptance of online learning in Africa surely proves one thing that the future of education is quite bright there. Along with the improvement in the field of education, there will be reduction in poverty, health stature will be improved and also there will be emancipation of women.

MOOCs in Africa

The first ever MOOC in Africa has been developed by the African Management Initiative (AMI). It is primarily aimed at providing different courses to the learners to polish their basic skills in management. The name of the MOOC is Launchpad and it is in partnership with the South African Gordon Institute of Business Science. Now, the AMI will try to acquire more funds in order to design courses in partnership with the Strathmore Business School on Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos Business School in Nigeria.

Rebecca Harrison, the developer of MOOCs at AMI, says, “We want to make it as engaging as possible, but also low bandwidth.” According to a report by the eLearning Africa conference in the month of May’2013 has found out that the rise in MOOCs will be one of the most amazing changes in the online education scenario in Africa.

Online degree providers!

Apart from Africa’s own MOOC, there are a number of other international distance degree providers which can work as wonder for the aspiring learners in Africa. They have degree courses from the most reputed universities worldwide and therefore, the learners in Africa will get much more exposure in an international basis.

E-learning is a gateway to healthier lifestyle in Africa!

Higher education is something which is necessary for everyone not only in order to further in their career goals but also for their sound mental and physical health. It is seen that the ones with a higher education degree leads a very balanced and healthy lifestyle. In fact, studies in 2012 have shown that people with just a high school diploma smokes 17% more than the ones with a Master’s degree. Higher education makes one think on a broader perspective and this way the person becomes perfect to dwell in the society.

It is true that Africa suffered a lot, both financially as well as the education scenario wasn’t good at all. There were no better resources in the schools and colleges and the learners had to worry much about getting a degree and most of the times they had to leave hopes of acquiring a degree for them. Online learning then became their saviour and offered them with courses and degrees which they have wanted forever.


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