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Although experts and a lot of educators are calling this present age the era of digital technology, many students are still unaware of the prime resources that can make them learn beyond classrooms. Well, learning through social media has achieved utmost importance in the recent years, and the new age learners have started applying this concept to achieve success and recognition in their careers.

Students and working professionals who aim to venture into social learning are required to keep three key elements in mind:

  1. A community full of life and vivacity
  2. A platform enriched in technology
  3. Content that ensures quality

Importance of a vibrant community

It’s not surprising that people out of curiosity keep visiting social platforms on a regular basis. However, the majority of them would never return if they find these platforms devoid of relevant information. So, what it means that these social platforms must have something that would keep them engaged for a good long time. So, your social community must be absolutely vibrant and then only you will be surrounded with experts and scholars who would be responding to your queries and suggestions.

Why need a technologically enriched platform?

A platform enriched in technology is essential since it will be perceived as a place for arresting the interaction initiated by the organisation. Moreover, you might have to access it almost daily at work to add interesting content for your viewers who would thereafter be compelled to return.

Content should be good enough to allure visitors      

If you want to learn by taking help of social media, you must start organising your platform with quality content. To be precise, the content should have business value and must sound interesting to the audience. On doing so, your visitors will be pleased to access technically enriched or business-based content and might therefore offer you similar stuff in return. Most importantly, quality content helps your social platforms gain recognition amongst millions.

How social media can be helpful for blended learners?

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The most amazing aspects about social media are:

  • Social media enhances employee participation in one’s learning process.
  • It becomes easier for learners to stay engaged towards their respective courses because they can reach out their peers and hence get their queries solved in no time.
  • Organisational learning programmes can also be enhanced to a good extent with social media by supporting the concept of transferring knowledge and making behavioural changes
  • Social media plays a key role in identifying the internal experts that consequently enhances the productivity of an organisation

Probably, this is a big reason why students, educators, working professionals and even business executives today depend on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that give them the opportunity to strengthen their networks on a global basis. Therefore, social media in other words can be called a necessity, especially for those who are about to commence their careers or pursue higher studies for career development. The experts also believe that the impact of relying on social media in online study is surely going to strengthen with time.