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Business education has certainly become one of the most popular programmes for students aspiring to higher education qualifications across the globe. This is not surprising as after the recent global financial crisis, the job market has become increasingly competitive and employers have become more stringent about the recruitment process. A business degree can help graduates get an edge over others and make them eligible for a number of employment opportunities in various fields. Hence more and more students are now planning to pursue business studies from reputed universities and B-schools, whether online or on-campus.

Demand For Business Study

Recently The Guardian Postgraduate Guide for 2015 was released which offers an overview of various courses available at UK universities this year. All the courses have been categorised into a total of 52 subject areas. Overall, the guide includes courses available at around 2,000

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This year’s guide revealed 2 major trends, the growing popularity of business programmes and the rise in the number of foreign students who come to the United Kingdom to earn postgraduate degrees. Most of the full-time postgraduate students in Britain are now international learners.

Most Popular Subjects

The Guardian 2015 Postgraduate Guide assures that hard-headed are prevalent as a result of the

challenging economic scenario. The new guide uses statistics from 2012-2013, which is the most recent year from which government data is available. In the specified year, business, management and marketing, were the most popular postgraduate subjects among students, both regarding universities offering the subject and students pursuing it.

Around 121 providers offered business, management and marketing in the tables prepared by The Guardian. Moreover, over 70,000 students were registered for taught postgraduate courses in business. An additional 17,000 students were studying the related topics namely finance and accounting. Next on the list of most popular subject was Education with around 71,000 taught postgraduate students and 97 providers. Most of them were pursuing PGCE teaching qualifications instead of a full master’s degree.

Here is a list of the top 5 most popular subjects:

Subjects Providers Taught postgraduates
Business, Management & Marketing 121 70051
Education 97 71064
Psychology 90 12101
Computer Science & Information Systems 89 11414
Accounting & Finance 83 17373

Rise Of International Students 

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There is no doubt that universities in the UK are highly popular among international students as a study destination, and this was observed more at the postgraduate level, rather than the undergraduate level. It was found that more than 140,000 students, domiciled outside the United Kingdom, were pursuing postgraduate courses in UK colleges and universities during 2012-13. This figure was over 33 per cent of all postgraduate learners.Rise Of International Students

The study patterns of these learners were pretty different from British students. Where most UK postgraduate students are usually working and studying part-time, with only 33 per cent studying full-time, students from abroad who have travelled to the United Kingdom normally go for full-time courses, with almost 85 per cent students. Hence, most of the full-time postgraduate students were international students in 2012-2013.

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Online education is now considered as one of the best ways of learning as it offers affordable and effective learning solutions to students around the world, who are unable to access traditional classroom education for whatever reasons. Numerous teachers and employers are now supporting digital learning for all the benefits it offers to students. But can online education help Nigerian students to avoid various challenges and access education easily? Let’s have a look…..

An Insecure Education System

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Students in the northeast region of Nigeria now face a number of difficulties and threats like random kidnappings, bombings and militant attacks, which started growing since 2009. So what should the parents of students in such regions do? What actions will you take if you heard that insurgents are about to attack your local schools? No matter how horrifying it sounds, many parents north-eastern Nigerian cities like Bauchi and Damaturu are actually coping with such decisions. They are now having second thoughts about whether they should send their kids to school or not. However, I guess now parents can make the decision more easily as more than 800 schools across the region have already been closed down due to lack of security.

According to an independent assessment by the CCSG (Coalition of Civil Society Groups), more than 194,664 learners are compelled to leave their schools as a result of growing insecurity. Etuk Bassey Williams, President of CCSG, believes that closing schools in Nigeria will adversely affect the probabilities of accomplishing the benchmarks for enrolments in primary schools in 2015, with below 80 per cent enrolment of children. Many education experts believe that implementing online study tools and facilities in the school curriculum can help teach home-bound learners, particularly disturbed northeast areas of Nigeria.

Can Online Learning Be Effective In Nigeria?

Dr. Dipo Fashina, ex-president of ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities), believes that the education system in Nigeria is flawed and strongly need to be restructured. Dr. Fashina commented “Education is the major thing that promotes being at the height of development and we are not there yet.”

The truth is enrolment in online study courses has already increased significantly with growing numbers of Nigerian students keen on studying online and earning accredited degrees. This is mainly due to the corrupted and defective education system in the country that creates under-prepared graduates who are unable to find any employment. On the other hand, numerous Nigerian learners, who wish to pursue quality education and degrees from recognised universities abroad without facing any threats or difficulties, believe that online programmes offer them the best learning opportunities.

Moreover, online study courses offered in Nigeria are highly affordable as these can incorporate innumerable students by utilising the same resources, same faculty and instructors and same school buildings. In fact now you can find various African-inspired online programmes that have been specifically developed for students in African nations. Developed by entrepreneur Gossy Ukanwoke, Beni American University is considered to be the first online university in Nigeria. Moreover MTN mAcademy is also a reputed and renowned online learning app that offers online courses on various subjects for free or minimal fees to students in different African countries.

Online Education – A Better Alternative 

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The fact is the possibility of online education to offer feasible learning solutions to learners in troubled regions will improve further with booming telecommunications sector and increasing internet broadband connectivity across Nigeria.

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