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The age in which we live is an age where science and technology forms an integral part and, thus, it becomes a governing element of the human life. In the present day, almost all of the continents are technologically advanced and are keeping up with the rapid development of the technical aspects that are being developed. America is in its utmost position in the implementation of technology. Europe and Asia are following it and they too have already incorporated what was needed.

Africa has been the continent which was less developed than these continents but presently it does not remain in such a position as it were. It has seen an influential entry of the technology based science which was successful in elevating the continent in such a position where it can be identified as a continent desperately endeavouring to implement scientific features to heighten its condition.

Here is a brief discussion on the 5 topmost technically developed countries and the state of their scientific improvement in Africa.

South Africa

The most technologically developed countries in the continent is South Africa. It has seen technological developments in almost every sphere of it. It ranks as one of the topmost countries in the Global Innovation Index or GII. The improvement in the fields of the IT industry is impressive. Added to that the South African Universities shave gathered quite a fame. Even the country made some wonderful contributions in the fields of invention.


Egypt is one of the most notable countries in Africa. The Pyramid, the use of calendar, the use of written language – all of these are the wonderful features of Egypt. Civilisation began in Egypt an innovation also found its place in this amazing country. It was responsible to extend science and technology in the entire continent. It has some of the best universities in Africa providing support to technology. The government has assisted Egypt to reach this height as the former encourages technological expansion from the country to the industries. It has an influential technological force amongst the other countries of Africa.


Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in the continent having a lot of potentials in the industry. The country has seen impressive innovations that will lead it to a brighter future. Apart from that, the country has experienced a significant development in web apps and mobile technologies. The penetration of the internet connectivity is less though. But the country also has skilled people who can make better innovation in the future.


The country has a vast range of invention. Added to that, startup of the private companies are also one of the notable factors of the present development of the country. The IT sector have influentially developed. If this startup from the technological companies grows, then one day the country will become one of the platforms for technological improvement.


With the stable government and a growing economy, Ghana can provide the suitable opportunity for the growth of technology. It is a country where a lot of innovations have taken place. It belongs to west Africa and is being speculated as the next ‘great’ African country.

A Newer Africa

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With the advent of technology, the process of Africa’s innovative improvement has already started. It is wrong to say Africa is not technologically equipped. The technical innovation inaugurated its journey in Africa and it will be persisting, bringing a variety of vibrant changes in this amazing continent.

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