Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has greater aim beyond digital communication. He believes to with knowledge mankind can develop his abilities. He feels with the help of the available resources necessary assistance can be provides so that the children can attain education. In his recent Facebook post Zuckerberg wrote that he and his wife Priscilla Chan are expecting their first baby. An article published in CNN Money has confirmed the news. In the article Facebook CEO told, “Soon we’re going to be parents,”.

He also said, “And we care deeply about doing everything we can so all children — not just ours — can grow up and achieve their full potential.”

Underserved education

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The article published in CNN has reflected the bigger goal of CEO of the Facebook. To cater meaningful education to the whole, particularly the underserved, can transform many lives and upgrading the knowledge system. Read on.

The Foundation

Zuckerberg is exploring all the meaning full and possible ways to engage the underserved into education. The CNN Money wrote that the a non-profit education foundation “Startup:Education” formed in 2010 , is owned by Zuckerberg and Priscilla has granted $120 million to abet education programme for five years in the local community of the of San Francisco.

Essence Of Knowledge

The essence of education cannot be denied. In fact, Zuckerberg plan to support the cause for education is part of long term vision. He has understood that knowledge could bring desired changes in the society by eliminating the illiteracy and poverty. This the capability of self-reliance could be developed among the uderserved, particularly the student.

Need Based Learning System

Facebook CEO intends to develop a learning system with personalised education. Where the study material and instruction by the educators is designed to meet the want of the learner. The CNN report said, “ Chan is starting a K- 12 school called ‘The Primary School,”. It wrote, “The private, nonprofit institution in East Palo Alto will be geared toward low-income students and attendance will be free. Healthcare will be included.”

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The report says, “Zuckerberg already supports Summit Public Schools; KIPP, a network of 183 charter schools; and AltSchool, a small group of private schools that focuses on mixed-age learning,” according to the article.

Going The Right Way

Zukerberg and Priscilla want to use the fund in the most appropriate manner. The intend to make public schools a better place for learning. The betterment of these schools would happen at interstate level instead of not focusing at particular area or the region.

Supporting The Noble Cause

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The drive to support the cause of education is a welcome initiative. Mark and Priscilla have realised to need to uplift the underserved. Their health issues and other aspects has been critically understood by the the Facebook couple. Mark has many times pointed that with the available technology and resources the underserved can be served. Referring the noble programme we hope that the goal is achieved. The society learns from the Facebook couple and steps forward to support such endeavours.

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Planning for an Executive MBA programme? But can it actually help you in becoming a better manager and business leader? Will your MBA knowledge help you boost your business and career? Well, the fact is the knowledge you gain about the business world, the economic scenario and the external market during your course, will boost your business acumen and empower you to become a better professional. Let’s take a look….

Need For Hands-on Learning

Experiential learning is an integral part of every management programme. Last year, 110 participants from 2 separate EMBA programmes at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) tool part in a process of exploring business across South Africa. It was basically a study trip which focused on hands-on experience of business and developing business strategies for Africa.

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 One of the groups, which included 62 participants visited various establishments in Johannesburg, including vehicle financier SA Taxi Finance, a beer and soft drink company SABMiller, and entertainment firm MultiChoice. They also studied a number of local NGOs and businesses in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg and is considered among the poorest urban regions in South Africa. Moreover, lectures were also organised on topics like entrepreneurship in South Africa and it’s global competitiveness, Africa as a growing market etc.

Tamkara Adun, a Nigerian participant, said the trip was “a valuable time of learning and discovery” and a learning experience. She added “I emerged with a better understanding of the dynamics of doing business in Africa.” Adun claimed that the classroom sessions helped her in being “better able to appreciate the enormous potential for economic growth that is Africa. Via consultations with the business owner, we were able to understand his business, recognise the challenges his business faced and appreciate the uniqueness of his business.”

Exploring Potential For Growth

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During this period, another group of 48 EMBA participants visited Cape Town to explore business practices at different companies including, life assurance firm Old Mutual Finance, supermarket chain Pick ‘n Pay, Villiera Wines, beverage firm SABMiller and retail business PEP. The students had a learning experience and got a clear understanding about the business scenario in South Africa. 

Duna Uribe, a Brazilian-American student, said “We had the opportunity to take a glance at not only the South African business reality but also at the human reality. Even though I come from an emerging economy myself and have been quite exposed to social struggles, I found it fascinating to see how South Africa is dealing with all of it: politics, economics, health, and diverse society and languages.”

An Executive MBA programme allows you to learn what you need and acquire all the right skills that will boost your effectiveness as a business leader. You will learn how to efficiently manage Operations, Marketing & Sales, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and other business aspects. However, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur planning for your start-up or a professional trying to land the next big promotion, then pursuing a full time EMBA course may be challenging for you due the requirement of time and money investment.

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 A Better Way To Learn Business

In this scenario, there is a better alternative available for you to study management in an affordable and effective way. Simply opt for an online MBA top-up degree as it will enable you to understand core management concepts without shelling out too much cash. Moreover, as you will learn the necessary skills, you will be able to face various business challenges and transform risks into opportunities. However, one of the biggest benefits of studying a top-up MBA programme is that you can study at any time you want. As these courses are highly flexible, you can easily work throughout the day and focus on your job or start-up, while studying at a time that is convenient to you.

Furthermore, online MBA top-up courses allow you to interact with fellow learners from different economies via online forums. This will allow you to learn how the business sphere operates in different economies. You will also have the opportunity to fast track your degree to the final year of an accredited Executive MBA or any other related programme without any hassle.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to meet new experienced professionals, expand your network and add value to your professional credibility in the long run, then a top up degree in MBA can certainly help you achieve your business goals.

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Although the Nigerian government is taking numerous steps to improve the education system in the nation, it seems that making education easily accessible to all still appears to be a distant dream. Why? The reason is Nigeria continues to make a notably poor appearance in the global ratings.

Nigeria Is Lagging Behind

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 In the recent Global Competitiveness Index for 2012/2013, a survey that analyses the quality of macroeconomic environment, the condition of national public institutions and their level of technological acceptance, Nigeria was ranked 148 among 196 nations and retained a 3.50 score. This same score was also recorded in the 2011/2012 review. The country is currently behind other African nations namely Cameroon (3.61); Ghana (3.65); Benin (3.78); Kenya (3.82); and South Africa (4.34).

According to the World Economic Forum, which conducted the study, the 3.50 score recorded by Nigeria is pretty low in the rating index, especially when compared to other African countries. Academic experts believe that this is a result of the void present in the existing educational system. Adeyemi Abdul-Rasaq, a research analyst, believes the unhealthy education sector in the country has created a huge gap in the development of technological progress. He made the comments based on the fact that none of the Nigerian universities appeared in the best 85 universities among the 7,000 globally recognised universities in the survey.

Hope For Learners 

However, it should be noted that in the past few years, many organisations have taken the initiative to support the development efforts of the Nigerian education system. Moreover, they are actively assisting institutions and governments to improve the academic standards in the country. Usually these supports come through adoption of schools, renovations, investing in schools, scholarship programmes, teachers training programmes etc.

To help achieve the goal of education for all, Guinness Nigeria supported the development of technological education by offering sponsorship to 10 learners for a technical training programme at the Institute of Industrial Technology (IIT). Olumide Akinjo, Director of the Institute, said “The purpose of this programme is to use technical and vocational training to close the gap in educational development and we are happy to have an able supporter such as Guinness Nigeria Plc that have supported some our students towards achieving their dreams.”

Regarding the contribution of Guinness, company spokesperson Mrs. Nkiruka Ogboruche, commented that the company is always determined to support the aspirations and dreams of the youths and encourage them to become valuable members of society. She said “At Guinness Nigeria, we are always happy to be involved with worthy projects that can add tremendous value to the lives of Nigerians. This sort of support forms a core part of our community investment agenda and we will continue to support Nigeria and Nigerians through initiatives and activities that uplift them.”

Creating A Better Scenario 


The support provided by Guinness has offered a chance to youths to achieve their goals. The fact remains that an effective and noteworthy shift, which assures support for vocational and technical institutions and the learners, has numerous benefits for the entire nation at large. This will result in the rise of a skilled generation of Nigerian youths who can eradicate the skill gap and add significant value to the economy.

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