The trends in the job market have changed. This is observed particularly in the IT and computing industry. Now it’s so unpredictable that nobody knows who will manage to impress the employer- those having traditional degree or the self-learners.


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Traditional learners take formal training from campus based education format. Where students dedicate reasonable amount to time and money to get the qualification. Whereas self-learners might opt for Online IT diploma courses. Online diploma in information technology programmes allows students to take quality and flexible study option at affordable cost.

Online education has the potential to engage and deliver key learning and skill to the students. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is the online learning platform that offers standard education for free. Here students can learn the latest IT and computing skills. Besides, there top online institutes which dispense comprehensive, qualitative, practical and industry based learning.

10 Smar Tips For Effective Online Study

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Learning In The New Format

According to the Global Developer Economics: State of the developer Nation, a survey conducted with 13,000 plus developers by the VisionMobile shows that 46% of the prompt developers have not learnt computer science from institutes. The report shows that 45% HTML5/Javascript developer belongs to this group. The survey reveals that HTML5/Javascript developer comprising 29% had learnt self and have no formal training for scripting languages.


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The survey also shows that the providers of MOOCs have the pivotal role which has helped developers to obtain skills in the related field. This includes skills such as Ruby and Python. Besides, there are MOOC programmes for Android, iOS app and web development alongside data science.

According to Coursera Technology Vertical Manager Kevin Mills, “The typical Coursera learner taking a programming or other technology course has a bachelor’s degree, is currently employed, and is between 22 and 35 years of age. Among these learners, it is about an even split between those looking to begin a new career in programming versus those seeking to advance their existing programming skills.”

There are also e-learning institutes delivering essential learning through online diploma in computing courses which facilitate relevant skill building to the students.

Time & Money Factor

Time and money are two most valuable things in life. Effective use of time is indispensable. Ask any person on the plant what is the importance of time? I am sure even school children would be able to tell you the importance of time. In the present day, time management is crucial for success. Now the question arises- Does one have ample time to attend hours of lecture in the classroom, travel and study at home? What if education system allows students to study from anywhere and anytime, which will save plenty of time. I have seen students taking the online diploma in computing and using remaining time for enhancing their knowledge.

Online IT diploma programmes including that of the MOOC does not only saves crucial time by money as well. Online diploma in information technology courses offered by online institutes is low priced. Whereas in MOOC app and web development and others are free.

So, why would anybody spend additional time and money? Especially when they have the tool like online learning that helps them to attain their purpose?

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Higher education is very important to surge ahead in life and build a grand career. This is a universal truth and there’s no denying it. A bachelor’s degree is integral in one’s life to ensure a good job. There are many students who attend traditional colleges to earn their degree. However, not every student, who is eager to study, can pursue their education after school as there are many restrictions. For example, students in developing countries like Nigeria don’t get a chance to attend college for various reasons. Mostly, people in developing countries can’t afford to go to college as the financial condition is unstable and college fees are extremely high.

As economic conditions are unsteady in developing countries, most students start working right after they finish school. Therefore, there is no way they can do both, work and attend class at college. Also, there are many students who live in remote places that are far away from educational institutions and travelling long distances becomes tedious. However, there is a way through which students these days can earn a bachelor’s degree without having to compromise on much. Distance learning is one of the best ways, which has been introduced to eager students, to earn a good bachelor’s degree.

Why is distance learning one of the best ways of earning a bachelor’s degree?

In the beginning, distance education meant studying in correspondence, which was also quite tedious because courses were less fun and were not all interactive. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of doing things online, distance education too, shifted to this mode. Through distance education, the bachelor’s degree syllabus is broken down so comfortably that it becomes easy for a busy person to stay at home and study. Here are a few advantages of studying an online bachelor degree by distance learning.

The online bachelor’s degree courses are flexible

The fact that these courses are flexible makes them viable for students who work or handle the entire household singlehandedly. These courses can be studied anytime, anywhere. Therefore, a student can go to work and study at the same time. They can either study before they leave for work or after they get back. They can study in between household chores. So, there are no restrictions about when and where they have to study.

The online bachelor’s degree courses help you save

The online bachelor’s degree courses can be studied from the comfort of your own home without crossing borders or even travelling long distances. These degree courses help you save money on tuition fees, conveyance, food and lodging.

With many other advantages similar to these, studying the bachelor’s degree online is an extremely convenient for students across the globe to get better jobs and move ahead in their careers.