Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has greater aim beyond digital communication. He believes to with knowledge mankind can develop his abilities. He feels with the help of the available resources necessary assistance can be provides so that the children can attain education. In his recent Facebook post Zuckerberg wrote that he and his wife Priscilla Chan are expecting their first baby. An article published in CNN Money has confirmed the news. In the article Facebook CEO told, “Soon we’re going to be parents,”.

He also said, “And we care deeply about doing everything we can so all children — not just ours — can grow up and achieve their full potential.”

Underserved education

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The article published in CNN has reflected the bigger goal of CEO of the Facebook. To cater meaningful education to the whole, particularly the underserved, can transform many lives and upgrading the knowledge system. Read on.

The Foundation

Zuckerberg is exploring all the meaning full and possible ways to engage the underserved into education. The CNN Money wrote that the a non-profit education foundation “Startup:Education” formed in 2010 , is owned by Zuckerberg and Priscilla has granted $120 million to abet education programme for five years in the local community of the of San Francisco.

Essence Of Knowledge

The essence of education cannot be denied. In fact, Zuckerberg plan to support the cause for education is part of long term vision. He has understood that knowledge could bring desired changes in the society by eliminating the illiteracy and poverty. This the capability of self-reliance could be developed among the uderserved, particularly the student.

Need Based Learning System

Facebook CEO intends to develop a learning system with personalised education. Where the study material and instruction by the educators is designed to meet the want of the learner. The CNN report said, “ Chan is starting a K- 12 school called ‘The Primary School,”. It wrote, “The private, nonprofit institution in East Palo Alto will be geared toward low-income students and attendance will be free. Healthcare will be included.”

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The report says, “Zuckerberg already supports Summit Public Schools; KIPP, a network of 183 charter schools; and AltSchool, a small group of private schools that focuses on mixed-age learning,” according to the article.

Going The Right Way

Zukerberg and Priscilla want to use the fund in the most appropriate manner. The intend to make public schools a better place for learning. The betterment of these schools would happen at interstate level instead of not focusing at particular area or the region.

Supporting The Noble Cause

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The drive to support the cause of education is a welcome initiative. Mark and Priscilla have realised to need to uplift the underserved. Their health issues and other aspects has been critically understood by the the Facebook couple. Mark has many times pointed that with the available technology and resources the underserved can be served. Referring the noble programme we hope that the goal is achieved. The society learns from the Facebook couple and steps forward to support such endeavours.

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African continent is somewhat lacking its necessary developments in education. In Uganda, the Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, recently commented upon some of the issues to educational advancement. But his views are quite insufficient to tackle the issues regarding unequal education and less competent graduates.

As per his announcement, the Government is planning to set up seed schools, and distribute computers in rural secondary schools. But, the shortcoming of his plan lies in the absence of sufficient initiatives to link such distribution programme to the skill developments among those students.

Superficial Measures Needs Attentive Reconsideration

The problem factor cannot be overcome by such distribution of computers, or minor increase in teacher’s salaries. Rather, actual understanding of root issues that plays behind the substandard education in Uganda need to address. Prime Minister should realise the demands of current economy, and plan all round reformation in the country’s education system which is grossly disconnected towards what the time’s expectations are.

There are systematic as well as multi-dimensional problems which need immediate attention. For example, the working conditions for teachers, including their pay scales need to be improved. Investments have to be made with a good amount from the government. The countries that have made remarkable developments in education like the UK, the US etc should be intensively followed in this respect.

Selection of Teaching Faculty Requires Modification

Standard of education depends at large on teaching faculty. But, mainly two types of candidates pursue this career – those who are really passionate about this profession, or those who do not have any other option than this.  To meet the expected developments, modification in teacher selection process would be the most vital step. And, also it should be made sure that they can work in a better and more amicable condition, which includes much higher salaries that currently they get.

Curriculums should Fuel Creativity

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Then, a substantial reformation needs to be done in learning environments. Curriculum must have to be designed in accordance with 21st century needs. Instead of a flat curriculum for any course, improvements have to be implemented in critical thinking skills, problem solving and analysis, communication skills, and, last but not the least, self-initiative.  Improvement on these areas can bring about successful innovation, creativity and workforce productivity.

Curriculum must ignite learners’ imagination, their thirst for creativity and analysing the world with a broader perspective. To this end, classroom size must be small so that teachers can instructors can invest more personal attention to their students.

Career Prospects Need Focus

Above all, curriculum should be designed in such a way that might help students develop real-life skills, with which they can enhance their career possibilities. So, parallel to theoretical lesson they need to be introduced to various project-based learning, which will give them fair idea about different industries and skills they need to acquire to shine in any respective career.

In many developed countries, ways of teaching and learning have been freed from the physical boundaries of classrooms. With the employment of online technologies, education there has given enough flexibility and mobility to engage their huge potentiality into industrial involvements alongside their studies.

If Uganda really wants to see a better tomorrow through its educational developments, the government must have to take such substantial steps that can actually meet the standard of the world and expectations of the time. Honest effort to this end can surely make the country achieve this goal.

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